5 réflexes pour une bonne hygiène intime

5 reflexes for good intimate hygiene

5 reflexes for good intimate hygiene

Taking care of your intimate areas with good hygiene means preserving the balance of your vaginal flora and thus limiting the risk of infections, dryness and irritation. Focus on 5 good actions to absolutely adopt!

Action number 1: don’t go too far

When it comes to intimate hygiene , the best is the enemy of the good. For a healthy vulva, do not exceed one or (at most) two intimate toiletries per day. And above all, do not let yourself be tempted by excessive practices, such as the famous vaginal douche: water is in fact the enemy of lactobacilli, these good bacteria which are naturally numerous in the vagina, and essential to the health of its flora. . By cleaning your vagina with a bulb or the shower head, you unfortunately risk encouraging the appearance of inflammations or even infections, such as vaginosis or thrush. It is therefore strongly recommended to strictly limit intimate hygiene to exterior parts.

Action number 2: choose the right products

To carry out your daily intimate cleansing without attacking the vulva, also avoid aggressive products, which can also disturb and irritate this sensitive region. On sensitive skin, Marseille soaps and body shower products can be irritating. Therefore, prefer soft gels , with balanced PH, and choose natural formulas, without sulfate, phenoxyethanol or other questionable ingredients. And once in the shower, also focus on softness. Classic washcloths or shower flowers can heat delicate skin: it is better to use a very soft washable wipe. — or, quite simply, the hands, which do not risk irritating the vulva.

Action number 3: go in the right direction

Absolutely remember: daily intimate cleansing is always carried out from the vulva towards the anus. Never the other way around. You thus avoid transferring bacteria from the anus to the vagina and therefore promoting painful urinary infections. After sexual intercourse or after any use of the toilet, apply the same movement back and forth: your intimacy will thank you! And by the way, don't forget to go pee after each intercourse: this will allow you to evacuate the accumulated bacteria towards the urethra.

Action number 4: don’t overuse the razor

Stop false beliefs: a shaved or waxed vulva is not cleaner than another... On the contrary, shaving or hair removal that is too close or poorly done can lead to irritation, even ingrown hairs and therefore infections. Furthermore, a shaved vulva no longer benefits from the protective barrier of hair, which can also promote small intimate health problems. Finally, hair removal destroys the hair follicle, the gland of which ensures lubrication of the vulva... If you still want to remove hair, try to space out the sessions when possible. And here too, adopt the right actions : clean skin, disinfected utensils and, of course, gentleness!

Action number 5: stay attentive

In order to keep your vulva in perfect health, stay tuned to your body. A change in color, unknown vaginal discharge, heavier periods, a different smell, pain or even itching: all these signs should lead you to consult your doctor or gynecologist quickly. Because if daily and respectful cleansing is essential, intimate gels do not replace medical care when it is necessary!