Ultra-Night Extra Large Sanitary Pads


Ultra-Night - Extra Large - Love & Green ecological sanitary pads offer a naturally sourced sheet in contact with the skin! They also contain naturally sourced absorbent microbeads, a veritable revolution! Ecolabel certified, they have no perfume, dye, or lotion: a healthier and more natural composition for your intimate parts and still as effective!

- Pack of 9 sanitary pads with wings
- Composed of 79% natural materials
- Absorption: 6 drops out of 6

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In detail
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Surface sheet

Natural sourced sheet in contact with the skin: PLA and Green PE (corn starch, sugar cane, beet, or potato).

Acquisition sheet: 100% airlaid wood cellulose certified FSC® and TCF (Bleached without chlorine or chlorine derivatives), polypropylene, polyethylene.

No lotion, no dye.

Absorbent pad

Pad: 100% cellulose certified FSC® and TCF (Bleached without chlorine or chlorine derivatives).

Absorbent microbeads (SAP) of renewable origin based on Biomass balance.

External sheet

Vegetable starch (sugar cane)


Made of 100% virgin fiber FSC® certified silicone paper.

Additional information:


- Packaging (pack and individual pouch): film made from 51% natural material

- 79% of the entire sanitary towel is naturally sourced.

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