Our products

Our products

Today, we are proud to assure you that the choice is no longer between ecology and efficiency: we offer you both! At Love & Green, just because our products are more natural and skin-friendly does not mean they are less efficient and less practical.

Our diapers and pant diapers are rated A in absorbency, which means the best possible absorption! Baby can have a soft veil of contact with his buttocks while being dry day and night. The diapers and pants have 3 channels that allow a more homogeneous distribution of liquid and therefore a better protection against leaks.

Our organic baby care range is available in 500 ml format with a pump for one-handed use (very practical when you always need to keep one hand on baby!).

Our natural fiber wipes are softer and ultra-resistant and impregnated in just the right amount to clean baby's skin without leaving any residue. They can be used on the face, hands, or bottom (except for the liniment wipes, which are designed specifically for the bottom). We also have toilet wipes for potty training (they are wet toilet paper that can be used for the whole family!). Ultra convenient, they can be flushed down the toilet and really do break down in less than 2 minutes!

Attention, only our toilet and intimate wipes are flushed down the toilet! They have a specific support which allows their degradation. Our other references are biodegradable and compostable but cannot be flushed down the toilet!

For women too, practicality and efficiency are the key words. Our sanitary napkins are ultra-absorbent and adapted to different flows: Normal, Super, Night. The panty liners are thin and ultra-practical: they adapt to your lingerie (Normal, Large or Flexi). Our package of intimate wipes contains 20 wipes, ideal for taking everywhere! Our bladder weakness pads are ultra-absorbent and odor-controlling for discreet protection!