Qu'est-ce que le liniment et comment l'utiliser ?

What is liniment and how to use it?

An essential element of the maternity suitcase, the liniment is making a comeback. So much so that it sits next to every changing table — or almost! But what is this product really used for and what are its advantages? Love And Green tells you everything!

What is oleo-limestone liniment?

Oleo-limestone liniment is a very simple mixture composed of lime water and olive oil. Pale yellow in color, this natural product has been used for generations. Traditionally used against skin burns, today it is mainly used to treat the buttocks of infants.

Without rinsing, the oleo-limestone liniment allows you to wash your baby without a water point. With its oily texture, it easily removes stool residue. And thanks to its alkaline pH (9), the liniment effectively neutralizes the acidity of urine, irritating to baby's fragile skin. It is thus very useful for soothing redness and preventing the dreaded diaper rash ... It also leaves a thin protective layer on the skin thanks to olive oil.

How to use baby liniment?

The oleo-limestone liniment is a two-phase mixture. Whatever the intended use, always start by shaking the bottle well to obtain a homogeneous liquid.

To perform a quick liniment wash:

  1. Pour a little product onto one or more cotton squares.
  2. Open your child's diaper.
  3. Remove urine and stools from the pubis towards the buttocks (to avoid urinary infections).
  4. Repeat the operation with as many cotton pads as necessary so that baby's bottom is perfectly clean.
  5. No need to wipe off any traces of product: they will protect your child's skin from future stools. All you have to do is put your baby in a new diaper!

And here is how to use liniment as a protective balm, after washing with a rinse-off product:

  1. After cleaning the seat, gently dry baby's skin with a cotton swaddle or soft towel.
  2. Pour a little liniment onto a cotton pad (or directly into your palm).
  3. Simply apply the product to baby's bottom before putting a clean diaper on.

Why use organic liniment?

Very popular, oleo-limestone liniment is marketed by multiple brands. Are you wondering which liniment to choose ? To benefit from all the advantages of a truly natural product, choose organic!

Opting for an organic liniment obviously means supporting organic agriculture, which produces the olive oil used. But it also means choosing a product that is truly respectful of your child's delicate skin: in order to increase their performance or their shelf life, many liniments contain numerous ingredients. You don't need more than 3 ingredients for a liniment: Lime Water, Olive Oil and Moisturizing Glycerin. Check the liniment ingredient list at the store or pharmacy, and if it contains more than 3 products, unnecessary products have been added! Also check that there is olive oil. Some liniments contain a majority of another oil (sunflower type for example) and a small percentage of olive oil. Of course in this case, the effectiveness and the protective side are not the same!.

So pay attention to the composition and offer the best to baby's bottom!