Que faut-il acheter lorsqu'on va avoir un bébé ?

What should you buy when you are having a baby?

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The essential elements to welcome baby

Don't invest heavily, as most baby gifts consist of pretty outfits. You will especially need bodysuits and pajamas. These are the most comfortable clothes for your child to wear. Bring one or two birth-sized bodysuits and pajamas in case your baby is born prematurely or is lightweight. Also, don't buy a 1-month-sized crowd, as some children grow so quickly that they are already wearing a 3-month-old after three weeks. Choose them with a front closure (wrap over). The other essentials are socks and/or slippers, a hat in winter and a bucket hat in summer, a sleeping bag for traveling when it's cold and one or two sleeping bags for the night. That's all !

  • The toilet. We recommend plenty of diapers and bibs. Baby spits up a lot in the first months of life. There are many products for changing babies: liniment , which contains only 3 ingredients and is 100% natural. The liniment contains olive oil which leaves a protective layer on baby's bottom. You can also use cleansing water or cleansing milk. Choose products that do not need to be rinsed for greater practicality. Wipes can also be useful for cleaning your face, hands, corners of your eyes and buttocks. Choose washable wipes and disposable ecological wipes for your travels. You can also make a small stock of ecological diapers to protect baby's skin and preserve the environment. Add to that some round-tipped nail scissors, as well as a bath thermometer. You will also need plenty of towels. The ones you already have will do the job just fine.
  • Food. If you are not breastfeeding, you must of course buy bottles and the teats that go with them. It is not essential to heat the milk, so you can do without a bottle warmer. You will be sure that baby will not get burned. Be careful, if you heat the milk, do not use a plastic bottle, because the heat encourages the release of substances contained in the plastic. Glass is more suitable. Think about the bottle brush, it's a really very practical accessory for cleaning baby bottles.
  • The sleep. Of course, you need a bed for your baby. The bassinet is charming, but it won't be useful to you for very long. Babies grow up fast! A classic or modular bed with bars (with two or three bed base heights) is perfectly suitable. Place a bed bumper there so that your child does not hurt himself while rolling around in his sleep. Essential: the mattress pad! It protects the mattress from the inevitable regurgitation that will occur. Also think about fitted sheets. Finally, it is useful to always have a small blanket on hand to protect your baby, whether during walks or in their deckchair at home.
  • The walk. It depends on your habits. You have the choice between stroller, baby carrier or baby sling. There are stroller-car seat combinations that can be interesting if you use your car often.

Additional purchases to make life easier

Some equipment is very practical. If you have a larger budget, you can afford secondary purchases. Also spread the word to family and friends: birth gifts can be chosen from a list that you established during your pregnancy.

  • For changing, a towel placed on a bed is enough, but you will save your back by investing in a changing table and/or a changing mat. If you make this choice, check the storage possibilities of the furniture. Drawers or baskets are very practical for keeping all baby's toiletries within reach.
  • The bathtub with foldable support has the same advantage: it saves your back. You can wash baby without bending over the family bathtub. The bath lounger is a good compromise: it is less expensive, easy to store, clean and use.
  • The playpen, the deckchair, the swing, the beanbag are all pieces of equipment that allow you to keep baby close to you while being able to go about your business. As long as your child lets you... Some babies do indeed feel a powerful feeling of abandonment in the first weeks and cannot bear to leave your arms. If this is the case with yours, the investment may be useless. Try collecting some of these items from friends or buy them second-hand. The simplest and least expensive: improvise a play mat with a thick blanket surrounded by two nursing cushions. A few developmental toys will be enough to keep baby occupied. Still keep your child in sight during these moments of freedom.

The rest (baby monitor, sterilizer, bath cape, etc.) is only of relative importance, which depends above all on your lifestyle and your anxiety as a young parent. Buy the essentials during your pregnancy, then plan according to the habits you will create with your little one.