Pure Nature Diapers Subscription Size 3
Pure Nature Diapers Subscription Size 3
Pure Nature Diapers Subscription Size 3
Pure Nature Diapers Subscription Size 3
Pure Nature Diapers Subscription Size 3
Pure Nature Diapers Subscription Size 3

Pure Nature Diapers Subscription Size 3

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This is the most ecological range of Love & Green diapers: Love & Green Pure Nature diapers also have unbleached cellulose and absorbent microbeads of renewable origin! Unbleached cellulose guarantees that no chemical bleaching process has been used! The cellulose therefore appears in its natural color, for an even more committed layer, and we love that !

As with classic Love & Green diapers, Pure Nature diapers have the highest level of absorption to allow baby to stay dry for up to 12 hours! And the veil and the barriers in contact with the skin are also of natural origin (corn starch , sugar cane, beet or potato) .
Baby's fine and fragile skin will be gently respected .

For greater comfort, the birth size diapers (Size 1 and Size 2) have a rounded cutout at the umbilical cord which limits friction and facilitates care !

NEW ! The Love & Green Pure Nature diapers now have a very soft pattern: thanks to a water-based and solvent-free ink, small green leaves decorate the diaper!

And a Love & Green diaper is always:
🍃 0% chlorine (Total certification Chlorine  Free), petrolatum , paraffin
💧 Efficiency: 3 distribution tubes in the cushion for optimal absorption for up to 12 hours !
🐣 Comfort: with an ultra soft cushion made of cellulose FSC® certified unbleached (natural color )
🏆 Certification: European ecolabel, FSC®, TCF, Dermatest ® , Cruelty  free and vegan
🔄 And recyclable paper packaging!

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Our certifications & labels

Our diapers and pants are European Ecolabel, Dermatests® certified, and the cellulose that makes them up is FSC® certified and unbleached: that is to say, it comes from sustainably managed forests.


The Love & Green diaper

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The Love & Green diaper

Elastic ties and ears: polypropylene, polyethylene, velcro and copolymer elastic film.
Veil in contact with the skin: PLA & Green PE (corn/sugar cane/beet/potato starch), hydrophilic on the skin side, hydrophobic on the other side Acquisition veil (absorbs liquids for distribute towards the absorbent cushion): polyethylene terephthalate fibers and non-woven polypropylene No lotion, no dye.
Absorbent cushion/mattress: 100% FSC® certified cellulose (from well-managed forests and other controlled sources) and TCF (bleached without chlorine and chlorinated derivatives). Absorbent microbeads: in sodium polyacrylate.
Fecal barriers: Green PE and polypropylene Elastics / Protective gathers at the crotch: Elastane
Outer veil: Polyethylene film and non-woven polypropylene veil Additional information: - 0% mineral oils (petrolatum, paraffin), 0% dyes (except for the front strip indicating the Velcro positioning area, without contact with the skin) , 0% allergens - Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested - Made in Spain

A range of healthier and more natural diapers

Veil in contact with the skin

Love & Green offers a diaper with natural skin contact : contact veil and anti-leak barriers. The cellulose is FSC® and TCF certified, without chemical lotion, perfume or coloring.

European Ecolabel certified

The European Ecolabel is a certification which guarantees that products meet quality requirements and respect the environment throughout their life cycle (from raw materials, through manufacturing, and their end of life).

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