Almost all feminine hygiene products are made of plastics and petrochemicals. In addition to causing irritation, these products can contain toxic, chemical ingredients. Love & Green offers more natural, respectful sanitary products:

- Free from undesirable ingredients suspected to be carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors.
- Natural sheet in contact with the skin.
- 84% natural biodegradable materials.
- Extra thin for everyday protection.
- Ultra-absorbent: 5 drops out of 6.

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Discover the feminine hygiene subscription! (only in France)

Love & Green feminine hygiene products are available as a subscription! Create your customised box by choosing for 32€ of products and have them delivered to you every three months. You can change or cancel your no obligation subscription at any time.

In detail
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Surface Sheet

Natural sheet in contact with the skin: PLA & Green PE (corn and sugarcane starch).

Acquisition layer (absorbs liquid for distribution to the absorbent pad): 100% cellulose from FSC® (from well managed forests and other controlled sources) and TCF (not bleached using chlorine or chlorine derivatives but oxygen instead) certified airlaid wood.

Free from lotions and dyes.

Absorbent core

Absorbent core: 100% FSC® and TCF certified wood cellulose.

Absorbent microbeads (SAP) of renewable origin based on Biomass balance

Outer layer

Outer layer: Film Green PE (plant material).


100% FSC® certified virgin fibre silicone paper.

Additional information:


- Packaging: 51% natural film (pack and individual packaging).

- Free from mineral oils (petrolatum, paraffin), dyes, allergens and perfumes.

- Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

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