Our ingredients

Our ingredients

Did you know that?

The regulations in force in France require manufacturers of cosmetic products and wipes to display on the labels:

  • The list of ingredients in descending order of their weight (quantity) at the time of their incorporation, on the labels, according to their unique name listed in the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients
  • Precautions for use of the product
  • The country of origin of the ingredients when they are imported from a third country (outside the European Union)
  • The date of minimum durability, until which the cosmetic product continues to fulfill its initial function and remains safe for the user
  • The duration of use after opening (only mandatory for products with a minimum durability of more than 30 months).

Love & Green obviously respects this regulation for its range of wipes and cosmetics and we decided to go further: we give explanations and a comprehensible translation thanks to the rating of the Truth about Cosmetics of the lists of ingredients often opaque - because to be transparent is good, but to be transparent and clear is even better.

Here is the example for our Bioliniment:

For diapers and feminine protection, there is no equivalent regulation: never mind, Love & Green was the 1st brand of diapers and feminine hygiene to publish its exhaustive list of ingredients on its packaging and on its website in 2017!

But we don't just list a vague list of ingredients, we detail every part of the product, so you know exactly what ingredient is in what part of the product.

An example that has been noticed by the public authorities who have made this transparency mandatory on baby diapers in July 2019. We are mobilizing with the public authorities so that this obligation is extended to feminine and incontinence protection as soon as possible!

You can find the complete list of our ingredients here on our product pages.