Our partners

Our partners

Our 5 factories in Europe

To meet all these commitments, Love & Green has chosen its industrial partners with requirement. Our specifications are strict both on the naturalness of the desired products, as well as on the proposed ingredients. Research and development is fundamental for us to bring you more naturalness.

It is therefore with pride that we provide you with information about our factories and production sites. We have selected them according to our commitment criteria and can now be sure to have the best on our side. They are today the only ones able to meet our needs in terms of naturalness and efficiency.

The partners of Love & Green

We make sure that our partner factories share the same mindset as we do.

In addition to the environmental guarantees provided by their Ecolabel, Nordic Swan and Cosmos certifications, we ask our partner factories about their commitments and make regular visits to the production sites.

Our manufacturer of diapers, panties and sanitary protections is certified ISO 14 001. This standard is audited by an external accredited organization. It verifies and guarantees that the factory is setting objectives to reduce its environmental impact.

The Italian production site that manufactures our feminine hygiene protection has even installed photovoltaic panels, allowing the production of 15% of the electricity supplied to the factory in 2019. By 2020, 100% of the electricity used by our European paper mills will be renewable.

The majority of waste produced by the factories is recycled or sold, and the diaper manufacturing process uses no water.

Our diapers, panties, and feminine protection are manufactured in CO2 Neutral Production certified factories. This is the first absorbent hygiene product conglomerate in the world to be awarded the CO2 Neutral Production label by Vinçotte! This means that :

  • We have calculated the climate impact of our factories
  • We have set a target for reducing our CO2 emissions
  • We compensate our incompressible CO2 emissions through a wind power project in India.

Our ultimate goal is to offer products that are carbon neutral. Controlling and offsetting our CO2 emissions is essential to preserve future generations.