Our values

Our values

The human

Love & Green is above all a French family business created by two parents. The team has been built up little by little to reach today more than 25 people. On a daily basis, the human aspect is essential: we could compare our team to a family where everyone is committed together in the same fights: Love & Green is a collective adventure!


And yes, Love & Green fights every day to offer more natural alternatives in hygiene products. Since 2011, one of the brand's battles is to fight against the omnipresence of plastic and petrochemicals in hygiene products for toddlers. Starting with diapers, the fight has extended with toiletries and wipes. Since 2017, the fight is the same for women with the arrival of a healthier and more natural feminine hygiene range!

The health

Using more natural materials has a positive impact on our environment, but also on our health! Love & Green products are formulated for sensitive skin. They are developed with the minimum necessary ingredients, no superfluous. Any ingredient suspected of having an impact on health is banned from our products. Our mission is to take care of the health of babies and women!


Love & Green has been the pioneer in the eco-friendly diaper market since 2011. But the adventure does not stop there! Our goal is to go further and further by finding alternatives more healthy and natural. Investment in Research and Development is essential for Love & Green: it is through innovations that we take the path of compostable diapers. And yes, at Love & Green we believe in it (and we will get there!).