The brand - History

The brand - History

Our adventure began in 2010, when we were expecting our first daughter! 🤰

We were immediately shocked by what the nappies on the market were made of: plastic, plastic and more plastic… not to mention petroleum-based lotions and dyes! Using these products on our new baby’s bottom was unthinkable to us! So, we decided to create a new nappy that contained as little plastic as possible, free from lotions altogether…

Love & Green came into existence in January 2011, three months after the birth of our first daughter! 

Since then, we have been working hard to replace the petrochemical ingredients with natural products in our nappies, nappy pants, wipes, baby care products, feminine hygiene products and bladder weakness products. Our aim is to protect the health of babies and women and our environment, with one ideal: transparency in a world of hygiene dominated by extremely opaque multinationals!

We are now fortunate enough to share this mission with a brilliant and highly motivated team… and our second daughter! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Céline & Gabriel