Since its creation in 2011, Love & Green has been a committed and responsible company. But what does ‘committed’ mean in a practical sense? It means seeking to defend and promote strong and meaningful values, through our products and our mindset.

At Love & Green, we have four fundamental values:

-        Humanity: Love & Green is first and foremost a French family SME created by two parents. Our team has gradually grown and now comprises 25 staff members. Humanity is key to our everyday business: our team is like a family, in which each member is committed to the same missions. Love & Green is a collective adventure!  

-        Naturalness: And yes, Love & Green works hard every day to offer ever more natural, alternative hygiene products. Since 2011, one of our brand’s missions has been to push back against the omnipresence of plastics and petrochemicals in hygiene products for little ones. We started with nappies, then our mission expanded to include toiletries and wipes. Since 2017, our mission has broadened further to include women, with the release of our healthier, more natural feminine hygiene range!

-        Health: Using more natural materials is certain to have a positive impact on our environment and also on our health! Love & Green products are formulated for sensitive skin types. They have been developed with the minimal necessary ingredients and nothing superfluous. No ingredient believed to adversely affect health is used in our products. Our mission is to care for the health of babies and women!

-        Daring: Love & Green has been a pioneer on the eco nappy market since 2011. But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Our aim is to go further still, finding even healthier, more natural alternatives. Investment in Research and Development is key for Love & Green. It is thanks to innovations that we have been able to lead the way in compostable nappies. At Love & Green, we believe and we achieve!

Our mission is simple: we want to move away from plastics and petrochemicals, for the health of babies and women and for the environment. Our aim is to revolutionise the world of hygiene!

•    The madness of plastic

50% of the plastic manufactured to date has been manufactured during the last 15 years.[1] Production has increased exponentially, from 1.5 million tons in 1950 to 359 million tons in 2018.[2]

And it is set to double between now and 2050[1].

The hygiene and cosmetics sector has seen phenomenal growth. Not only is plastic still used extensively in packaging, it is also part of the composition of certain products: cotton bud sticks, exfoliating microbeads in some cosmetics and coatings, films and absorbent microbeads in nappies and sanitary products. Nappies can be up to 90% synthetic material and plastic!

•    Health and environmental commitments

We have drawn up a common base of health and environmental commitments for all our products:

o    Hypoallergenic products: our products undergo dermatological testing prior to release on the market and hardly any of our products contain perfumes or allergens (only our organic orange blossom scented wipes contain a mild perfume).
o    The most natural ingredients and components possible: all our paper hygiene products have a 100% natural layer in contact with the skin. Even the absorbent microbeads we use in our nappies are 50% natural, a real revolution!
o    We promise not to use ingredients believed to have even the most minor impact on health included in our blacklist, which is updated regularly. We say no to ingredients believed to be carcinogenic, endocrine disruptive, allergenic, irritant, etc.
o    A systematic environmental certification approach for all products, based on the strictest standards available.

In addition to this common base for all our ranges, we offer specific commitments for each product type.

•    Specific commitments for nappies and sanitary products

Made in Europe

All our sanitary products are made by a single manufacturer, our trusted partner. Our nappies come from two production sites, in Spain and the Czech Republic. Our feminine hygiene and bladder weakness products are made in Italy.

Environmental certification

Our nappies, nappy pants and feminine hygiene products are European Ecolabel certified, the official European environmental label.

This certification is not available for bladder weakness products. So, Green Family chose the Nordic Swan label, a strict environmental label created, supported and regularly updated by the Nordic Council, a cooperative forum of the parliamentary institutions of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The cellulose used in our nappies, nappy pants, feminine hygiene products and wipes is FSC® certified. From the outset, Love & Green has been committed to combatting deforestation by using cellulose from well-managed forests and other controlled sources.

Our cellulose is also TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) certified, i.e. it has not been bleached using chlorine or chlorine derivatives. The vast majority of the cellulose used globally has been bleached using chlorine derivatives. We use another method: oxygen.

What’s more:
·      All our hygiene protection products (nappies, towels and nappy pants) are free from lotions and perfumes, as these can irritate some people.
Today, Love & Green nappies are the most natural on the market. In 2018, we were the first to offer Ecolabel certified nappies with a 100% natural layer in contact with the skin. Today, we have gone a step further by changing the composition of our absorbent microbeads. To date, all nappies still contain 100% SAP of chemical origin. Love & Green is now offering microbeads that are 50% natural. Our nappies are between 46% and 51% natural.
Our feminine hygiene range is between 75% and 85% natural. The layer in contact with the skin is 100% natural and the external layer is made of plant starch.

•    Specific commitments for cosmetic products and wipes

We do not offer unnecessary products or encourage overconsumption. We offer a very limited range, comprising products that are essential for the health of babies and women.

Made in France

Our 5 types of wipes are manufactured in Nogent-le Rotrou (Centre – Val de Loire).
Our 8 cosmetic product lines (baby care and intimate care) are produced at Flers in the heart of the Normandy region.

Natural origin and environmental certification

Our wipes have been Cosmos Natural certified since 2020 and our cosmetic products are all organic and Cosmos Organic certified.

What’s more:

Our wipes and the cleansing base of our cosmetic products are biodegradable.
•    Our wipes are made of cellulose that is 100% natural and FSC certified (from sustainably managed forests) and has not been bleached using chlorine.
•    Our wipes are compostable and biodegradable.
•    Our cleansing wipes and intimate wipes are flushable and do actually disintegrate! No blocked drains!
•    The lotions we use are between 98% and 100% natural.
•    Our cosmetic products are between 97% and 100% natural.

[1] Laura Parker, The world's plastic pollution crisis explained, National Geographic (2019). Consulted in April 2020. Available via this link.
[2] Tristan Gaudiaut, “70 ans d’industrie plastique” (70 years of the plastic industry), Statistica (2020). Consulted in April 2020. Available via this link.

Today, we are proud to inform you that you no longer have to choose between ecology and efficacy: we offer both! Just because Love & Green products are more natural and skin-friendly does not mean that they perform less well or are less practical.

Our nappies and nappy pants are “A” rated for absorption, i.e. the best absorption possible! The layer in contact with baby’s bottom is really soft and keeps him really dry, day and night. Our nappies and nappy pants have three channels that allow liquid to be distributed more evenly to provide the best protection against leaks.

Our organic baby care range is available in 500ml format with a pump for single-handed operation, which is really handy when you need to keep one hand on baby!

Our natural fibre wipes are soft, strong and just moist enough to clean baby’s skin without leaving it damp. They suitable for use on face, hands and bottom (except our liniment wipes, which are specially developed for bottoms). We also offer cleansing wipes for toilet training. These are moist toilet tissues that can be used by the whole family! These handy wipes are flushable and actually disintegrate in under two minutes!

Caution! Only our cleansing wipes and intimate wipes are flushable! They are made of specific material that allows them to disintegrate. Our other wipes are biodegradable and compostable but not flushable!

We offer practicality and efficacy for women too. Our sanitary towels are ultra-absorbent and suitable for different flows: Normal, Super and Night. Our panty liners are thin and really convenient, adapting to your lingerie (Normal, Large or Flexi). Our intimate wipe pack contains 20 wipes and fits perfectly into any handbag! Our bladder weakness products are ultra-absorbent and control odour for discreet protection!

Love & Green has carefully chosen industrial partners that respect all its commitments. Our standards are strict in terms of both the naturalness of our products and the ingredients we use. For us, research and development is fundamental in bringing you ever more natural products.

We are therefore proud to provide information on our factories and production sites to you. We chose them based on our commitment criteria and we know we are working with the best. They are currently the only ones able to meet our requirements in terms of naturalness and efficacy.

We ensure our partner factories share the same mindset as us.

In addition to the environmental guarantees provided by their Ecolabel, Nordic Swan and Cosmos certifications, we ask our partner factories about their commitments and carry out regular site visits.

Our nappy, nappy pant and sanitary product manufacturer is ISO 14001 certified. This standard requires an audit by an accredited external body to verify and guarantee that the factory is setting objectives to reduce its environmental impact.

The Italian production site that manufactures our sanitary products has even installed solar panels, which produced 15% of the factory’s electricity in 2019. In 2020, 100% of the electricity used by our European paper factories was renewable.

The majority of the waste produced by the factories is recycled or sold, and the nappy manufacturing process does not require water.

Our nappies, nappy pants and feminine hygiene products are made in CO2 Neutral Production certified factories. Ours is the first group of absorbent hygiene products in the world to be awarded the CO2 Neutral Production label by Vinçotte! This means that:

-        We have calculated the climate impact of your factories.
-        We have established an objective to reduce our CO2 emissions.
-        We offset for our irreducible CO2 emissions via a wind power project in India.

Our long-term objective is to offer products that are carbon neutral. Controlling and offsetting for our CO2 emissions seems imperative to us for the preservation of future generations.

In 2020, Green Family presents its 1st CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report: a document that formalizes all the commitments that the brand has been undertaking for over 10 years now! ️ 🖋️

Proud of its evolution, the brand is always developing and proposing new projects. But it has never forgotten the founding values that make it a responsible and committed brand: natural, healthy, audacious, and human! We have waged battles from the very beginning for transparency, respect for the environment and continuous innovation and these are still at the heart of what we do every day! 💚

This CSR report proudly sets out all the work of the Green Family; a written record that will continuously evolve and grow with the company, its team, and its ambitions! 💪

And let's not forget, let's make the world a greener place 🌿

Find our CSR report here: Green Family CSR Report