In a world of hygiene dominated by opacity, in terms of both product compositions and manufacturing methods, we have made transparency one of our top priorities. Transparency is imperative as we sell products that come into contact with babies’ and women’s skin. Parents and women need to know what they are putting in contact with their own or their little ones’ skin. When we launch new products, natural excellence and health are always at the forefront of our minds. This is how we continue to offer even healthier, more natural products! But you don’t have to just take our word for it, we can prove it!

To ensure the quality, efficacy, safety and reduced environmental impact of our products, we have chosen strict certifications.

All our products are certified by labels of excellence. That is our guarantee to you!

  • The European Ecolabel and Nordic Swan labels guarantee that our nappies, nappy pants, feminine hygiene products and bladder weakness products meet quality requirements and respect the environment, throughout their manufacturing and life cycle (sustainable forest management, limitation of toxic emissions, etc.).

These two labels guarantee that:

➔   Criteria are developed to reduce toxicity to humans and the aquatic environment (for example, ban on the use of certain chemical products and on the addition of perfumes to the product composition).

➔   The environmental impacts of the products manufactured are limited: reduced energy consumption linked to production, use of responsibly produced raw materials.

➔    At least 25% (European Ecolabel) and 50% (Nordic Swan) of wood fibre used in production are certified as coming from sustainably managed forests (FSC or PEFC labels). We go a step further, by using 100% FSC® certified cellulose in our nappies, nappy pants, feminine hygiene products and bladder weakness products.

➔    The production chain of the certified products and their components is known and monitored.

These labels are evaluated annually by independent certifying bodies.

“FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit organisation aimed at promoting responsible forest management all around the world. FSC® aims to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests, i.e. ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management that meets the needs of current and future generations.” Source: https://fr.fsc.org/fr-fr/a-propos-de-fsc/notre-vision-et-nos-missions). The cellulose used by Love & Green is FSC® certified, i.e. it comes from responsibly managed forests. We are committed to combatting deforestation by using FSC® certified cellulose from Finnish forests.

TCF (Totally Chlorine Free): not processed using chlorine. Cellulose is a plant material (from wood), which is brown when untreated. Almost all nappies on the market are bleached to eliminate lignin (component in wood that makes it rigid and impermeable) and make the cellulose soft and absorbent. Some manufacturers use chlorine derivatives to bleach the cellulose. We use oxygen bleaching, a more natural process that is healthier for baby.

COSMOS is an international standard created by a consortium of national and international associations and organisations (BDIH, Cosmébio, Ecocert, ICEA and Soil Association) to harmonise the guarantees of the historically strictest organic cosmetic labels of the various countries of the world. It aims to guarantee that cosmetics and wipes respect the environment and human health throughout their life cycle via responsible production and processing, respect for biodiversity and absence (above 2% of the total) of petrochemical ingredients (for example, parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic dyes).

It bans the use of plants, plant materials and micro-organisms that have been genetically modified (GMO) and primary raw materials extracted from live or slaughtered animals. It permits the use of ingredients of animal origin, provided they are produced by the animal but are not part of the animal and that they do not lead to the death of the animal concerned (honey, milk, etc.).

The COSMOS label offers two levels of certification:

•    COSMOS NATURAL certification, which guarantees that a minimum of 95% of the total ingredients are natural.

•    COSMOS ORGANIC certification, which goes a step further and guarantees that a minimum of 95% of the “agro-ingredients” (plant ingredients and ingredients of animal origin such as honey, milk, etc) are from Organic Agriculture, that a minimum of 20% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture and that the chemically processed ingredients are biodegradable.

This label requires an annual audit by an independent certifying body.

All our products are also certified Cruelty Free. This certification, issued by the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) association, guarantees that no animal testing has been carried out on the raw materials or during manufacturing.

Did you know?

Current regulations in France require manufacturers of cosmetic product and wipes to display the following on labels:

•    List of ingredients in decreasing order of weight (quantity) at the time of their incorporation, based on the unique name appearing on the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients register.
•    Product instructions for use.
•    Country of origin of the ingredients when imported from a third-party country (outside the European Union).
•    Best before date, up to which the cosmetic product continues to fulfil its initial function and remains safe for the user.
•    Period after opening (only required for products whose best before date is longer than 30 months).

Love & Green clearly respects these regulations in its wipes and cosmetics ranges and we decided to go a step further. We provide explanations and comprehensible translations of our lists of ingredients, based on the Vérité sur les Cosmétiques evaluation, because being transparent is good, but being transparent and clear is even better.

Take our BioLiniment for example:

Composition bioliniment Love & Green

There are no equivalent regulations for nappies and feminine hygiene products, but we didn’t let that stop us! Love & Green was the first nappy and feminine hygiene product brand to publish an exhaustive list of ingredients on its packaging and its website in 2017!

And we don’t just provide a vague list of ingredients, we breakdown each part of the product, so that you know exactly which ingredients are found in which parts of the product.

This came to the attention of the public authorities, which made this transparency compulsory on nappies in July 2019. We are lobbying the public authorities to extend this requirement to feminine hygiene and bladder weakness products as quickly as possible!


Every three months, we publish the toxicity tests performed on more than 250 substances for our nappies and feminine hygiene products. We are the only ones to do this.

Our aim is to offer healthier, more natural products. That is why we test our products so regularly.

Please find below all our toxicity tests:

•    Toxicity test Love & Green Nappies January 2018
•    Toxicity test Love & Green Nappies August 2018
•    Toxicity test Love & Green Towels August 2018
•    Toxicity test Love & Green Nappies December 2018
•    Toxicity test Love & Green Panty Liners April 2019
•    Toxicity test Love & Green Sanitary Towels April 2019
•    Toxicity test Love & Green Nappies April 2019
•    ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety): Report by toxicologist on the results for Love & Green nappies
•    Toxicity test Love & Green Nappies July 2019
•    Toxicity test Love & Green Nappies November 2019
•    Toxicity test Love & Green Nappies June 2020

How to read them?

The columm of the left shows the substances tested, the centre column shows the unit of measurement of the substance and the right-hand column shows the result. When the result appears like this: < number  this means that the substance has not been detected and is therefore not present in the product. The number represents the detection limit that has not been reached.
As you can see, the tests performed show that no toxic substances have been detected in our products. Please visit this page again soon, as we update it regularly.


As stated, one of our commitments is to offer products free from endocrine disruptors. Easy to say! Almost all brands make that claim! But we can prove it via the tests shown below.

We have had our products tested by an independent laboratory.

The tests performed by the independent laboratory show no oestrogenic activity in Love & Green products, including our nappies, sanitary towels, wipes and cleansers.

•    Endocrine disruptor test Love & Green Nappies / Nappy Pants Size 4 March 2019
•    Endocrine disruptor test Love & Green Micellar Water March 2019
•    Endocrine disruptor test Love & Green Cleansing Gel March 2019
•    Endocrine disruptor test Love & Green Water Wipes March 2019
•    Endocrine disruptor test Love & Green Liniment Wipes March 2019
•    Endocrine disruptor test Love & Green Sanitary Towels March 2019


Our nappies and nappy pants are “A” rated for absorption, i.e. the best absorption possible! Healthier and more natural with great absorption too!
Please find below our absorption tests:

•    Absorption test Love & Green Nappies T4 - August 2018
•    Absorption test Love & Green Nappies T4 - August 2020